Sunday, April 07, 2013

WASH Statistics School (aka WASH SS)

This is a learning platform where statistics on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) are compiled and shared.

Do you know that only 2.3% of mothers in developing countries wash their hands with soap after disposing feces of children? (Market Research Company – Research International, 2003)

Do you know that the cause of illness of 70% of our out-patients in Ghana is due to poor sanitation? (MoH, 2009)

Do you know that over the last decade Ghana’s sanitation improves only by 1 % per annum ?(World Bank - Water Sanitation Program, 2011)

Do you know that only 14 out of every 100 Ghanaian have improved sanitation? (UNICEF & WHO, 2012)

Do you know that Ghana losses US$79 million annually due to open defecation? (Economic Impact of  Poor Sanitation in Africa  WSP, 2012)

Do you know that about 22% of the rural population in Ghana relies on water from rivers, irrigation canals and dug-outs (MICS, 2011).

Do you know that diarrhea and pneumonia account for 40% of child mortality worldwide? (UNICEF & WHO, 2009)


 HOT Question (Examination)

1. What is Ghana’s Rural Water Coverage Target for 2015 under the Millennium Development Goal? 


2. I am a very useful resource in world. Scientists say I have two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen. Farmers say I am a key resource that they need in their crop production. Religious leaders say I play a key role in baptism and ablution. Some people often call me Aqua.

Who am I?

3. Which organization is mandated to facilitate the provision of safe drinking water and related sanitation services to Rural Communities and Small Towns in Ghana?

Please send the correct answers to

Names of persons who will provide the correct answers to the questions above will be dully acknowledged in the next edition.

Compiled by: (Headmaster – WASH SS)
Emmanuel Ato Quansah
Extension Services Specialist, CWSA, UWR

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